Got some plumbing issues?

New Bathroom


Piffling Jobs will install outside taps, replace or repair dripping taps, repair malfunctioning toilet cisterns, re-route ineffective or leaking waste water pipe work, plumb in white appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines.

“Piffling Jobs’ came to the rescue when our new dishwashercouldn’t be installed by the supplier. The kitchen installer had‘build round’ the old dishwasher, leaving no access to water andwaste pipes for a replacement. Phil Thomas was recommendedby a neighbour and I am happy to pass a recommendation on toothers. He has recently refurbished bathroom cupboards whichlook great. Both jobs involved a variety of trade skills and it is rareto find someone who can combine these skills to a highstandard. Just hope his ‘waiting list’ doesn’t get too long.”

KW, Didsbury